Monday, November 21, 2011

Gear Review: Petzl Meteor III + Helmet

Photo Samantha Goff

I am the type of climber to almost always wear my helmet. I wear it while sport climbing, following trad climbs, on climbs I’ve done many times and especially in the alpine. It just helps me feel more confident when climbing out of my comfort zone. So it is very important for me to have a comfortable, functional and non-dorky helmet.

I still am able to look up even when carrying a backpack. Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

Last spring, I got a petzl meteor III+ helmet. At first glance, I was pretty impressed with the stylish purple and white graphics. I have used it for a variety of different types of climbing from sport climbing to alpine climbing. It is very lightweight, weighing at 235 g. I can’t even notice the additional weight in my pack during long approaches to climbs. It sits very comfortably on my head and fits my smaller sized head perfectly. It is a little difficult to adjust the buckles in the back since they are on the smaller size but that doesn’t compromise the fit. Under a hat or with a pony tail, the helmet remains centered on my head even through the cruxes. And now finally I am no longer the dorky climber with the crooked helmet!

Fits great with sunglasses too. Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

The ergonomic design of the helmet protects really well against rock and ice fall, allowing me to feel confident while pushing myself in sketchier climbing conditions. It is designed so that the front, back and sides of the head are all equally protected, while still allowing visibility and mobility to look upwards. I have been impressed with the helmet’s durability as well. It has traveled with me to many crags and mountains and has been on several airplanes, without showing any sign of significant wear and tear. A couple other great features are its compatibility with a headlamp and the removable and washable inside foam.

Protects the lower half of the head well. Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

This is the helmet for you if you want a durable, lightweight and comfortable helmet. For more information go to petzl's website.

Photo Kate Rutherford