Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Rock Climbing

La Cucaracha in Icicle Canyon, Leavenworth. Photo Jonathon Spitzer

It has been a rainy spring in Washington and sunny days have been limited. Despite the lack of sunshine, I have still managed to hit up most of the local Seattle cragging areas. During the long winter in Seattle much of my energy gets directed towards school, so the first couple days back on the rock always feel a bit awkward and clumsy. For me, the spring rock climbing season is about re-learning techniques, getting a feel for the rock and getting the mental game back in shape. I spent a day or two warming up on the mellow sport climbs at Exit 38. I went out with my rope gun friend, Kevin, to climb some of the classic overhanging sport routes at Little Si. It is always a little humbling to struggle up a climb that I once had felt so confident on. But so it goes. There are ebbs and flows in all parts of life and that includes climbing too.

Kevin warming up on the polished rock on Girls at the Gym at Little Si

A couple days were spent in Leavenworth getting in milage on moderate climbs, honing slab climbing techniques, and hanging out with my east side friends.

Sam on Straight Street. Photo Kelsey Ferguson.

Givler's Crack. Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

Bo Derek. Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

Photo Jonathon Spitzer.

I had a couple glorious days cragging at Index. When the sun shines at this crag and the temperatures remain around 65-70 degrees, there is not a whole lot to complain about. After several rainy days, parts of the climbs can still remain wet and that makes for some extra excitement!

Top-Roping an obscure, bolted offwidth/layback through the mossy wettness
Can't complain about views like this!

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