Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nursing School

The office: Where the magic takes place

Life has been crazy busy for me; which isn't all that uncommon. But these days the lack of time is related to school and academics. I finally began a nursing program and it has been an overwhelming lifestyle change. The program has been rigorous and full of high expectations. I've had to fully immerse myself back into school and have had to push myself academically. I am excited to be that much closer to the goal of becoming a nurse. In the meantime, I've had to put some of my athletic goals aside. I still work out and make it to the climbing gym a couple times a week but can't take off to Patagonia or elsewhere this winter. This has been a difficult adjustment for me but I realize this is a short term change in exchange for a better lifestyle in the long run. Fortunately there are a couple long breaks from school and I already have trips planned for those times! Summer vacation will include a trip to Alaska, Europe, the Bugaboos and of course rock climbing all over the Northwest. Pre-planning for trips helps motivate me to train and it also motivates me to successfully get through school.

In an ideal world, I would like to have a career I am passionate about that is separate from my love of the mountains and adventures. I realize that it takes work to get to this place and I'm willing to make sacrifices to get there. My hope is that my attitude stays positive and my goals remain tangible throughout this journey.

Dreams of Fitz Roy keep me motivated!

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